In 2021, Dekton presented the new 4mm finishes, Slim collection.
This collection allows us to manufacture some of our tables in these new finishes to make them more commercial and refined.

To the 4mm dekton, an MDF undertop  is added to give it more thickness that  with the fiberglass that the dekton has,  allows us to put hot objects over the table.

Available colors are:
Group 1,2: Aeris, Ether, Sirocco, Bromo, Edora, Sirius, Kelya, Kovic, Kreta, Laos, Lunar, Trillium, Zenith.
Group 3: Aura, Laurent, Opera, Rem, Natura.
Group 4: Arga, Bergen, Halo, Helena.

The models available in these finishes are:
Sonali, Dylan, River, Carcassonne 1ext, Kron 1ext and Water ext.

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